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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
I'd sure charge more than $20. You got to figure that even buying bulk you are going to pay 8.00 lb. for crab legs of the King Variety. You can probably get boneless ribeyes for $5.50 per lb. (Choice). So you are talking a leg (king) of let's just say 1/2 lb. $4, plus a sixteen ounce steak = $9.50 x 3 (too make profit) = $28.50 per. With side dishes, bread and incidentals increase $4.00.

Feel free to look at my website, It is priced out using the 33% rule.

My math dictates 33% food and supplies; 33% labor and 33% profit. Yes, it fluctuates north and south, but that is my target.

Thanks for all the responses on this. Based on prices I've checked on, Big Brother Smoke is right on, I'm going with the price of $28.50 per person thats with 2 king crab legs and rib eye steak. I also quoted $21.50 for just a prime rib dinner. See what they say, but from one of my distributors they said the price of seafood in general went up with the BP spill and has never come down!
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