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I think there are two common methods for lighting. There is the chimney method - where you put a dozen or so fully lit coals on the basket of unlit - and there is the weed burner method.

With the harbor frieght weed burner (that you probably already purchased to help with the burn out), you set it to a medium flame (with all of the nipples open - it needs air), till you get a small percentage of the coals started. Once you think they are caught, then close up the top and watch them temps. it's trial and error - but after a few runs you will get the hang of it. catch the temps on the way up and close your nipples as needed.

That said - I have a BBQ Guru on mine. I set the Guru (with the temp probe outside the barrel - so it is just blowing wide open), and hit the coals for a couple minutes with the weed burner). Once I feel like the coals have caught (and I probably overdo the weed burner just a bit here), I close up the pit and insert the temp probe. I usually have a stable pit at cooking temp in about 15 minutes.
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