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Default Rules of the Game

A very successful real estate company has the following list they call the "Rules of the Game" to which they expect all sales professionals to adhere. Many people have spoken of a Code of Conduct for the KCBS Board. Read down through this list and I think you'll find that it might just apply to the KCBS as well and a very good start towards harmony... I have bolded the ones I see as especially pertinent:

Rules of the Game

1. Be willing to support our purpose, games, rules and goals.

2. Attend our meetings when you are in town. Listen and participate.

3. Speak with good intention. Be open and honest in your communications with each other. Get the facts before making opinions.

4. Stick together regardless of the outcome of “votes”.

5. Treat each other with respect.

6. Complete your agreements (do what you promise).
a. Make only agreements that you intend to keep.
b. Clear up any broken or potentially broken agreements at the first appropriate time with the appropriate person.
c. Don’t make promises for other people.

7. If a problem arises, look first to the system for corrections and then communicate your solution to the person who can do something about it.

8. Commit to adding value (more with less).

9. Have the willingness to win and let others win (Win/Win).

10. Focus on what works and be willing to declare what doesn’t work.

11. Accept responsibility. Avoid laying blame and justifying.

12. “Raise the flag” and ask for help when you are overloaded.

13. Encourage the risk of innovation and positive change.

14. Operate from a data base of reality (what is). Run your business like a business.

15. Help keep the space positively charged.

16. Maintain a sense of humor and perspective.
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