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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Well got my first meal off the UDS today. I used "Stubbs" charcoal and hickory chunks. What a difference using a good quality charcoal and wood chunks. I have been smoking on a Brinkman electric smoker for about 15 years. I never wanted to use anything else, until I stumble upon this UDS thread. Took me two weeks to make one and WOW. I AM LOVING IT. I will admit I have some learning to do and look forward to enjoying the Q that will come from burning more charcoals. (I have no patients when I adjust the intakes I want to see results right then. That just aint happening when smoking.)
I had a leap of faith in my ability to use the UDS and invited my bud and his wife over for smoked chicken. Well he had the faith. I cook the chicken for about 3 hours and they came out great. I kept the spices simple, salt, pepper, and a little butter. I also tried my hand at ABT for the first time, I’ll be making a lot more of them. Made a few with bell peppers for my wife (she don’t like no hot stuff) and they were good as well.
I have pron but my card reader is messed up so that means another post at a later time.
Thanks for all the good ideas and reading material. I could not have been successful without it.
I do have a question, HOW THE HECK DO YOU GUYS GET ROUND CHARCOAL BASKETS? The smallest I could get mine was about 17 inches and it looks like crap. So I built a square one.

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