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Hello brethren!

Finished the UDS yesterday. Decided to name her "Black Magic." The wife seriously thinks I'm insane now.

On to my question. Getting the baby lit. I've seen a few different strategies. Assuming I'll need a 7-10 hour burn at 225 degrees, whats the best way to get it started, using how much charcoal (and wood chunks)? Has anyone created a basic guide?

I'm planning my first burn with 5lbs of charcoal and a few wood chunks, but I can't imagine I light an entire charcoal chimney to start it.


Hey Bastid, here is the advice I got in my Cattle Call thread and it's what I'm going to try later this morning.

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Hey Chip,
Welcome from another Wisconsinite.
Most folk with a UDS use the Minion Method to light their charcoal. Fill your basket with charcoal nearly to the top, and add about 1/2 to a full chimney of lit charcoal on top. Catch your temps on the way up (20 to 30 degrees shy of your target) and close down some of your intakes. I'm a WSM guy, and don't have a UDS, but they operate on the same concept.

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