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seems a bit pricey for what you get, only concern i'd have with my health dept would be we are required to carry a full day supply of water if we don't have a water hook up where we setup at. And 5 gallons wouldn't cut it. Are you putting this in a truck or trailer? I made my own setup using a 6' stainless steel table, using salvaged stainless sinks from old campers, one standard kitchen sink faucet with sprayer and one bathroom facuet for the hand sink, Artison 4 gallon water heater, 15 gallon fresh water, 21 gallon gray water, eletric pump. I have around 500 bucks wrapped up in the whole sink system. which reminds me I gotta get it winterized before it starts freezing..But check with your local HD, that's the best place to get an answer as to wether or not it will pass. Good Luck
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