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Got a lot of work done yesterday, heres the progress.

Had to grind the inhibitor out of the 35's. =No fun

De head the 55. This thing works exactly like a can opener. Also leaves pretty smooth interior.

Gonna make the removed head an ash catcher. Grinded and bent up tabs to make it easy to remove.

A good bath for all. Used a heavy household detergent, TIDE and a rag. Rinse repeat etc..

Burn the NAstY off the bolts. I know theres a lot of debate about not using stainless and zinc etc. I feel comfortable taking them up to a heat that they will NEVER see in the cooker. any6 off gas happens then. After the forst couple cooks they are covered in creosote anyway.

Closer. You can see all the patina from all the coating being burned off

Marking off for holes. Went 2" and 8" on the Cooking grates for the 55 UDS.
Just 3" on the 30 gallon mUDS'. Intake was 2" high on 30 and 3" on 55 gallon.

More marks

Welding in the Pipe nipples. 3/4" on the mUDS and 1" on the UDS.

Almost complete. Just need coal baskets/ thermos/ handles and 2 more pop a top's! Then we can gift wrap.

Another shot Thanks for looking!
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