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I put together some simulated fried chicken. I wanted to make it completely on the smoker without the hot-oil crutch. I did a fair amount of experimenting with it and this was the best recipe I came up with. This was a hot (425-450*) indirect cook on the Oval with the chicken directly on the grates; i.e., grilled. I did not flip the chicken and yes, there are grill marks on the other side. Here is the write-up:

I could go into details on some of the failed experiments, but this was by far the best of what I'd done. The coating is light, flaky, and buttery (rather than greasy). Here is the finished product with my little helper:

The chicken is moist, tender and juicy and the skin is meltaway.

I think I'm going to use this as the throwdown shot:

... and although Ninja was my helper during the actual cook, the experimenting was a group project with ecode.
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