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Depending on if Neil is planning on keeping it inside or out, that may be driving some of the decision making... They developed the 300 to have a model that would go into EXISTING buildings. Many times a 500 is too large to fit through the openings, etc. if you are trying to build it into the kitchen. A 300 was designed to fit through a set of dbl doors, both height and width wise. I dont believe a 500 will. So if you are going to have the room to get it in the bldg, or you are going with an outdoor unit... go with the FEC500. IF you are trying to get indoors, into an existing kitchen/tighter space, go with the FEC300. Having said that Neil, you know we have a buddy who has one on his showroom floor that he would make you a heck of a deal on :) Now my cartage fee to CA might erase all that to bring it to ya!!!! <insert evil laugh> but the girls would love to play with Morgan...
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