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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
Do you Pellet pooping guys worry about something malfunctioning whilst sleeping? Can you check temps from your hotel room at comps, etc.? I have been on a comp team where the FEC-100 malfunctioned in the middle of the night and we had to pull McGyver mods to make turn in times.

You calling us Pellet Poopers such names as Pellet Poopers is insulating to us Pellet Pooper. You can only call us that if you are one

We know it's jealousy of our sleep

Not sure what "checking temps from a hotel means" to this thread, but you can buy a temp probe, hook it up to an internet connection and monitor it form your room. If I owned a restaurant, I'd probably do that, so great idea.

Think about it this way.

If you're using a gasser, do you worry about running out of gas?

If you're using a rotisserie, do you worry about the gear breaking?

If you use electricity, do you worry about electricity going out?

Use a stick burner? How about the weather, falling asleep from an overnight cook (can't stay up 7 nights a way all year)

you better if you're in the business. I've either had it happen or seen ALL of the above happen.

It's pretty old news now when someone who calls them Pellet Poppers points out that they saw one broke somewhere. Does it happen, yes. Often, no. I think preventive maintenance takes care of 95% of common problems.

If you're worried about it in a restaurant, you'll probably worry about anything you have.
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