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i dont think its a matter of purity. I think its a matter of competing and showing what you can do on a level playing field. I dont think it and unfair advantage because alot of 1st place trophies came from the WSM that whooped the FE100. So its not an advantage, and believe me, i do not envy and FE100, and dont wish I had one.. If I ever decide to cater, then i may consider getting one. For me, BBQ is a hobby and a passion, not a job. I want toys, not tools. Poopers dont guarentee a win, they guarentee a nap.

IMO, Its just a matter of sportsmanship. We are competing, its a sport so show me what ya got.. shut off the thermostat, unplug the hopper and burn sticks. Thats a level playing field, and I am not going to lower the playing field by going out and getting a trager just to compete against the pellet poopers. Having the FE100 next to the WSM or a stick burner is like showing up at a stock race with a funny car. Best part is when moms mustang(WSM) takes first place, a BYC takes second and the Funny car(FE100) is somewhere else in top 10. Hey, but the cook got a good nights sleep.
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