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This discussion reminds me of NASCAR.
They try to keep the "stock car" image (myth) alive by not allowing computer assisted suspension, braking, monitoring, etc.
But, "technology" drives the whole development and testing program.
The cars are loaded with "space age" materials, all created by technology.

NASCAR evolves every year, driven by marketing.
The "line" for permitted equipment keeps moving.

I have a feeling that "Competetive Que" will move the "line" as time goes on.
It may "go back to it's roots" and ban all "assisted" cooking.
Or, it may just say "Bring it on".

I am just noticing some ads for non-sanctioned events that allow gas, electric, and "whatever" heat source.
Haven't seen Nuclear listed yet, but probably coming
Large purses (some bigger than FBA purses) because large crowds draw large sponsors and big $.
They do not care about the traditions and finer points of competing--just $$.

I do not know and really don't have a firm opinion yet as a new competetor.

As DF said--we can't affort those rigs anyway.
May have to in the future.

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