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When I think of the deep south, I think of two oddly divergent adjectives: utilitarian and decadent. Utilitarian because I imagine my grandparents deep-frying anything basically that could be pulled from the ground or out of animal. And decadent because, well, everything is deep-fried.

So I combined three distinctly southern courses: sweet potatoes (yams), okra, and chicken fried steak with gravy. The sweet potato and okra represent the utilitarian side of deep south cuisine: hardy, tough plants that give way to high heat and lots of flavor. The chicken fried steak with gravy represents the fatty, decadent, delicious side of deep south cooking.

(I also added in a bit of BBQ-Brethren flair and instead of making sausage gravy, I made fatty gravy. Yum.)

So, we start with the sweet potatoes, sliced, brushed with oil, and seasoned with rub.

Then we move onto the okra, stuck on a skewer and about to be slathered with sage butter. Our sage plant is still going strong so I figured I'd put it to good use:

And then the round steak, floured, dredged in egg, and floured again:

After about 20 minutes of heat, the sweet potato "fries" came out splendidly:

7 minutes on the grill and a lot of sage butter later, the okra had some attractive grill marks:

Time was of the essence when removing the chicken fried steaks; I didn't want them to get cold. So I did not get any pictures of the chicken fried steak by themselves. But I did get a nice "money shot", complete with fatty-gravy:

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