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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Guess you guys don't like the team named "Pellet Envy" :D

As long as the associations allow assisted cooking (blowers, augers, auto dampers, etc) I have no problem with people using them.

I agree that it cheezes me off to be busting my butt all night while the Traeger or Fast Eddy/Cookshack owner sleeps - but I am willing to admit that most of that is ENVY that I can't afford one!

I tend to agree that electric assistance should not be allowed but like Ray/Dr.BBQ said - where do you draw the line. A couple of guys have gravity feed charcoal cookers that can go hours and hours without help - would that be allowed? Just asking - not trying to start anything.

I will admit that I'm looking real hard at an assisted cooker for catering. But, that is a different animal all together.

Since this is heating up would an admin please split this thread - maybe back where the pellet rant started?? This is good stuff but I would like it seperate from the cook off thread.
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