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Originally Posted by spicewine

Sorry, I'm a pureist----Man and Machine---Coal and wood

Sorry to all you Pellet Heads but why don't you just bring your electric oven from home? It's the same thing! You set the dial at 220 and go to bed.

Good for home----Not at competition!!

SHUT UP JAY ,YOU OPINIONATED BASTICH----- Sorry that was my alter ego chimming in.
OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you got me started....

I agree 100%.. IMHO, pellet feeders AND any thermostatically controlled cooker shouldnt be in a competition, or at least there should be real competitions where they arent allowed. Your there to show what you can do, and how good you are, and fire managment is part of the art. Yeah, automatics feeders are great for the backyard, or the restaurant/catering businesses because it allows you to sleep and eliminates a major variable. But how does that show your skills? The variable can be eliminated somwhat with a WSM or Green egg also. Whats the difference between the pellet pushers and your kitchen oven? KCBS allows thermostatically controlled devices, but doesnt allow gassers, or electric rigs.. Once you introduce a thermostat, and feeder, etc.. then its irrelevant what the fuel source is.. Ya may as well just bring your kitchen oven and use a little liquid smoke.
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