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Default My son's 3rd Bday party on Sunday.

Sorry no pictures, wish I'd gotten some. My little guy's turning 3 in a couple days, had his b-day party on Sunday. Always use the b-day parties to show off.

Fired up the drum Saturday night on went 2 butts rubbed with Dr BBQ's spicy rub. They were also injected with apple juice with some of the rub mixed in. One of the butts took more than an hour than the other to get to temp. One of them was a little dry when I pulled them, the other was perfect.

Sunday morning on went 2 fatties. 1 reg JD plain with rub to go into Keri's Hog Apple beans, and one JD italian sausage suffed with pepperoni and pizza cheese blend.

Also smoked some chicken wings on the drum, finished those over high heat on the performer to crisp the skin with some hot wing sauce.

Last thing on the drum was a batch of ABT's. I like to use bamboo skewers for mine (4 on a skewer) then cut them apart with side cutters.

Sides were the afore mentioned Keri's Hog Apple beans (done on the drum), cheesy hash brown cassarole(oven), and grilled asparagus(performer). It was my first time for Keri's Hog Apple beans but they were a hit and I'll be doing them again for sure.

My drum ran for a little over 15 hours at a steady 225 before I had to add more fuel (a chimney full of unlit RO chef's choice briquettes). If I'd completely filled the basket before I started I wouldn't have needed to refill, but I thought it would be enough.
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