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Default help with my brisket

need a little advice for my weekend brisket smoke. I am going to smoke a couple of 10-12 lb briskets in my stick burner. I am usually a rib man, but wife wants some brisket for the family get together. Here lies my issue...they want to eat by 4 or 5p on saturday. I work late fri so staying up all night or starting at 3 or 4 is not an option. My trailer pit usually runs between 230 to 260 with no issues. My plan was to rub them down good fri night and wrap them up. Put the meat in the oven around 6 or 7a, at around 200, to heat the meat and we pack up and head over to in-laws. after I get the pit ready (usually takes at least 1 1/2 hrs, I will unwrap and put them on at around 10a. Smoke em' as low as I can until about 3p and wrap them back up for an hour on smoker. open the pit up and let them stay there till 5p and dinner is served. Will I be cutting it close and am I on the right track for a rushed sat meal? advice would be appreciated. By the way, do I keep it on until I get the internal temp to 160 and then wrap again? what temp do I pull them off, 190ish right?
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