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Originally Posted by TheMidnightSmoker View Post
Perfect timing reading this thread. I have been doing small drop off catering gigs using just my Jumbo BDS but next season I want to step it up and do medium to large size on-site gigs. I have kicked around all kinds of cookers from the Spicewine trailer to the Lang 84. I have likes and dislikes about each one. I need a cooker I can keep in my garage so it will be safe and sound. My issue with the Lang is that Wood is not as available here in Northern California as it is in most of your areas. Clean-up might be a bit of a hassle also. My issue with the Spicewine is that I am a traditionalist and I can’t get past the thought that it looks more like an oven then a smoker. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I like about each of these cookers and I would be happy with either one I’m sure.
So let me throw another cooker into the mix. I am seriously looking at the Meadow Creek Pig Roaster trailer. It burns charcoal that is laid flat cross the bottom so the heat should be pretty well balanced. With the second rack the capacity is very good, and it cooks all meats, not just whole hogs. It has a full length drip pan that directs the dripping out of the cooker and it looks more traditional then the cabinet cookers. I have read reviews stating it easy to keep a steady temp and the burn time is long. With the upgraded extra doors and smoke stacks I think it would help with the “Show” aspect of the event. Any opinions?
My main cooker for catering is my meadow creek caterer's delight, it is their pr-60 and bbq 42, the PR is the gas unit, with a custom made offset firebox that runs the full lenght of the pig roaster, allow me to use gas for my heat, and then burning wood in the firebox for the smoke, with the second tier grate, custom made griddle for the bbq 42, we do everything from traditional bbq, to full breakfast, grilled chicken, baked goods, you name it, we can pretty much cook it on this one rig, I've done parties up to 300 ppl with just this one rig. just my two cents.
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