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Originally Posted by Smiter Q View Post
The point was very tender, the probe slid right in and out like butter. The flat was not tender however, I had to stick the probe in and it had some decent resistance. So I put the lid back on and checked it again in an hour. It still wasn't quite ready so I waited another hour, then it was done and tender in both the flat and the point. So this packer took 12 hours at 250 to get done.

IS there a concern about drying out the point, while you waited another two hours for the flat?
Thanks and thanks for this awesome tutorial.
I just saw this question or the first time.

I've never had a dry point cooking this way. The moisture in brisket is truly more from the gelatin and fat, and the point is just swimming in this stuff. Heck, in fact, after that two extra hours that the point cooked, I then chopped that point up for burnt ends and cooked it another 4 hours. They were still not dry even though the point meat cooked for 6 hours after it became tender. Don't ever try that with the flat though. The flat would become very dry and even burnt.
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