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Originally Posted by smkncajun View Post
You are the man! Making a Gumbo for the Halloween party, but was looking for something else; after this post I am sold out and will try it on Saturday. Just got half a cow butchered and got a few chuck roast so GAME ON! Pron will follow, just have a napkin handy to catch the drool, just saturated my shirt looking at these pics, haha.
I always like to make things that are easy for parties and this dish is just that. I think this will be a great dish for your party! Please let us know how it turns out.

Originally Posted by BBQ PD View Post
Just BEAUTIFUL. The only thing missing from that recipe is an extra Guiness for the cook
Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Thats why you get one of the 24oz bottles...some for the meat and some for me
I actually had 1 for the meat and 5 for the cook!

Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
Just got back from Mejier. Got the biggest chuck roast they had, 2.86lbs. Should be enough for 4 plus kids. But a little dissapointed, because I was hoping for LOTS of left overs. :D This will go on the smoker around 9:30 am tomorrow. I'll have to look around at other store's chuck roasts for future smokes.
I got mine from wally world however I normally do not see them at any stores where they are much bigger than 4lbs. I have read where others buy a "whole chuck roll". These cuts are very large and I believe the smaller roasts we buy come from this cut. If I remember correctly the whole roll could be up to 30 lbs depending on its size. That would probably make plenty of leftovers for the freezer! I think most guys will make them in the 15-20 lb if doing this for a large party or when freezing it for future meals. Please let us know how it turns out and pictures are always welcome around here!
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