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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
hi candy, i have used your pellets in your iron pot in my WSM with good results.

very "smooth" smoke flavor.

but i cook hot and fast and in that enviornment the pellets burn out pretty quick so i was looking to use the smoke stix.

can you offer a suggestion as to how i could get sustained smoke?

i would like to use a mix of the stix.

thanks for your thoughts!
When I use my WSM on brisket or pork butts, I'll make 3 packets of pellets with a toothpick hole in each and fill the cast iron pot half full. I bury 2 packets of pellets in the unlit charcoal in different places. I put the cast iron pot right in front of the door. When the lit charcoal goes in, the last pellet packet goes right on top. Plenty of smoke for the entire cook this way!
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