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Thanks for all the replies.

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
It turned out great. I think I might tweak it again but I am pretty sure this is the way I will cook chuckies from now on. I think I will cook some extra veggies in the same mixture minus the meat in a seperate pan for a shorter time. By the time my cook last weekend was done, you couldn't even find the peppers really. So, I figure having some cooking on the side might be a nice addition to a sandwich. Regardless, it was still good. I ate it Sunday night and had sammies Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for lunch. Highly recommend provolone as the cheese.
Thanks for the feedback colonel. Funny that you mentioned cooking some onions and green peppers on the side. I was thinking about doing the same with the hot peppers! I myself do not like big chunks of GP and onion and when I first started to make this I sliced them pretty fine IMO. I figured this would help them break down some. Maybe cut them a little larger next time around.

Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
A friend of mine dropped off a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout last night. This is planned for Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it.
Got to love friends like that! Let us know how it turns out!

Originally Posted by Riverside BBQ View Post
Wow sounds very goood... bet would make a great stew!
That's a great idea if you have leftovers! I'm a newb to the pulled chuck thing and I always like ideas to use the leftovers with. Thanks Vince
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