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Damn! Good advice guys! Nicely done with the pics, too. nrok, these guys are setting you straight, man. This is better than a meat cutters class. Nice to be reading from guys who know their stuff!!!
One more issue for you to consider always, always, always. Choice or Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is what you are looking for. You will find a lot of SELECT. Leave it for cousin Bob's backyard BBQ. Rest. Depot, Cash & Carry those type of pro suppliers will treat you right BUT they also stock Select grade briskets. Check it out to be sure.
If you are talking with a butcher or meat cutter, it's the "Flat" and the "Deckle". The guy who was calling it a point was doing that because most non-pros use those terms, flat and point. No biggie. Butchers know they are called the flat and the deckle.
Most of the cryo packers I buy through Rest. Depot are about 12.5 lbs. So, look for the right grade and get the flat and deckle together (That's what a "Packer Cut" is), as you've been advised, not two pieces.
( Pssst The deckle produces the best "burnt ends" you'll ever find....damn, I'm getting hungry! )
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