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I won't be smokin a turkey this year (though I've done several) I'm duin a test run on a "spatchcock" turkey. Cutting the back out and cooking it flat on the grill. I'm marinating it in 1 c honey, 1 c apple cider, 1 c Dew as we speak - and enough water to cover it in a stock pot with 2 gal bag liner. (The turkey already has been injected with seasoning & stock so I didn't want to add any salt.) I will also change the brine every 24 hrs until Sat AM. It's game day, donchaknow.

When I do it on the grill, it will be as I do chicken. That is, fairly hot fire - perhaps 350 degrees (indirect) - grill the first side skin down til it is golden brown > then turn it over (ribs down) until the internal breast temp is 165. I will then put the bird in an aluminum pan, cover it in foil for 20 min before serving.

For seasoning, I will do this one half n half. Half the bird will get McCormick's Salmon Seasoning (my favorite for all meats) and the other half will be one I need to make up with a good dose of chili powder, paprika, Old Bay Seasoning & a little Cayenne with a focus on very little salt (since it has already been seasoned.)

My family has a certain tradition that the Thanksgiving meal MUST taste a certain way and this ain't it. So, whatever I do will be in-addition-to the tradition.
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