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Default Questions regarding brisket??

So after some lame ass attempts with grocery store trimmed flats I'd like to try a packer brisket but am having trouble finding one. Today I found a butcher shop who kills their own animals only 20 min away. I called them and after talking to two different women who didnt have a clue (sorry ladies) I got to talk to the butcher. He said a brisket is 5-7 pounds trimmed, maybe 10+ untrimmed. I asked multiple times to verify if its a whole packer or just a flat, cause most trimmed flats ive seen are 5-7 pounds. He said its the flat and the point. Either way I can get anything I want so I need some knowledge. Figure id ask the brethren!

1. How much do packer cuts normally weigh?
2. How does $3.09/pound sound?
3. Anyone have pictures to help know what im looking for? He said hes usually doing serious slaughter thursdays so i may stop in tomorrow and see what they got/what i can get my hand on
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