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ThinBlue I have one question, why do you want to add more team members? I had a team that was myself plus 5 other friends, we started out for fun then my wife and I decided to put thousands of dollars into the BBQ'n hobby that I loved ($5000 pit plus Jacks Old South Cooking School).

Once I got back from JoS cooking school we started practicing the methods he showed me, I started getting questioned by the other team members as to why I was doing the methods and told me it shouldn't be done like that. I said this is the way I was taught and what I paid money to learn we are going to do it this way. We had some dissagreements and I had to tell them that all of you can do the ancillaries and I will be in charge if the main categories. Needless to say we didn't place in the ancillaries and placed 2nd ribs and 4th shoulder, out of 30 teams for a total of $1000 prize money.

More team members mean more opinions, IMO stick with the members you have.

They were all good friends, I have cut my team down to my wife, kids (4 and 5 year old) and another friend and his fiancée and son. It is working out much better this way. My friend bought another pit and does our whole Hog category in MBN and we do the shoulders and ribs on mine. When we do IBCA we just compete together. We plan on doing KCBS in the future.

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