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Default First brisket, opinions on appearance

This is the first brisket for me, not really knowing what to expect I will describe it and take opinions.

Brinkman bullet

Clean burning hickory/mesquite fire at 350 for three hours.
I then devised a makeshift waterpan because mine was at a buddys house. I cooked over the water for about one and a half hours. Till the guage showed 195. The brisket is in an aluminum pan when using the makeshift water bath.

At 195, I remove the pan from the cooker and cover it completely in foil and let it sit for about 20 minutes and then sliced it.

The meat didn't really need slicing, I cut push the knife straight downward through the meat to make a knife-lenght cut.

I was able to easily cut the meat with a fork. Now, here is my question, what should I expect in terms of tenderness? The meat certainly had structure but would bite very easily as well as pull apart.
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