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Troy - For the first part of this year I was muscling a Traeger 75 (plus cold smoke extension) Inside my comp trailer, off loading and loading it back on for each and every comp and by mid-summer I had pulled all my hair out! They are fantastic units and I use it all the time on my deck, including today. However, they are NOT NOT NOT made for getting tossed around. Hot rods shorted out. I fried multiple mother boards, etc... and those repair times sure cut into cooking time and frustrate the hell out of you. So, it's now back on the deck where it belongs and I enjoy it a LOT. Steppin' up to the trailer rigs is not necessarily a different scenario. I can connect you to two fellas who use the COM150 and the other guy pulls a COM200 and they have for years BUT BUT BUT they are always prepared for the electrical/mechanical repairs they need to make at the cooksite. Most frequent repair? Replace a shorted out hot rod. The guy with the 200 pulls his out before he travels! That's how many times he's had to replace 'em. As for the cold. My 75 does VERY well ovenight in the winter with a GI Green wool blanket draped over the top and you could do something similar with the 190. If you wanted to cook in the winter with the 200 you could figure something out IF you needed to. It all depends how motivated you are to stick with Traegers. I am, so I adjust. (Oh, in comps now, what do I use? A line up of WSM's. I would prefer my Traeger but you now know why I won't.) Pat "MADDOG" Maddock
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