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Originally Posted by Smokin' D View Post
I'll try Mike. An offset is a very innefficient design as heat wants to rise up and not go sideways. As a result more air needs to flow through the firebox and into the smoke chamber to produce the higher heat needed to give good tasting results. I think this increased air flow and the cleaner burning fire are a couple reasons I prefer the product off my COS. The resulting cleaner tasting smoke flavor and deeper, darker, and more firm bark appeals to me more than the product off the verticals.

It's that, or I'm just full of crap and really just prefer playing with fire!

Now what I really want to know is this. Do these insulated verticals give similar results to drums and the WSM, and if so are they really worth the extra expense? We are going to be getting a larger cooker and keep bouncing back and forth between the reverse flow cookers and the cabinet verticals. Thanks.
Ahh that makes sense but then the next logical question is do you prefer a clean burning fire which is hotter over the traditional low and slow that might not burn as clean OR is it just the offset?? Basically have you ever smoked anything @ 250+ on the wsm or uds that might be more likely to have the greater airflow and cleaner fire that you prefer? I ask because I am also already researching my next smoker and can't decide between a reverseflow or a cabinet. I always smoke around 250 degrees on my WSM AND ONLY have one smoker or I would definitely conduct a bbq Experiment :)
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