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Default Competition Pellet Grills

So what grills do you Competition teams use? Maki, Memphis Pro, Fast eddies are the (3) I am looking at.

I currently use the Traeger brand grills and I did get a CS570. I think the CS grills are better suited for our cold weather. What grills are built to handle our cold weather?

I started a small business "Alaska BBQ Supply" and over the next several years I would like to expand (currently only selling Traeger) and sell others brands. I believe a digital controller it is a must due to our cold temperatures.

I am thinking about purchasing the Traeger COM200 so I can do some cooking for some non-profit groups and schools. So is this one a good choice? Needs to be on a trailer so it can travel and price does matter so I can't spend over $10,000 for one. Any thoughts?


Troy Vincent
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