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Originally Posted by Smokin' D View Post
I'll try Mike. An offset is a very innefficient design as heat wants to rise up and not go sideways. As a result more air needs to flow through the firebox and into the smoke chamber to produce the higher heat needed to give good tasting results. I think this increased air flow and the cleaner burning fire are a couple reasons I prefer the product off my COS. The resulting cleaner tasting smoke flavor and deeper, darker, and more firm bark appeals to me more than the product off the verticals.
I agree 100% and will add that the hotter, cleaner burning fire produces a deeper 'smoke' ring because the increased airflow moves more nitrogen dioxide over the surface of the meat. The down side is increased fuel consumption and more variation in temperature in different parts of the cooking chamber (which can be improved with tuning plates).

I use several different kinds of cookers. The offset is the least convenient to use but in my opinion produces the best results for me. Just an opinion of course, and I have produced excellent BBQ on my BGE, my Stumps and my kettle.

In fact, I have a brisket and two butts on the Stumps right now, and I'm going to bed. I could never do that with the offset!
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