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All-in-all it was a success. I will try to do better next time, however. I had a few issues with temperature control. I thought it was a tiny bit on the dry side, however it was nice and tender.

I do have a couple questions, though. I smoked it fat side down, and just before slicing it, I removed the fat. When I sliced it, there was a nice smoke ring on the meat side, but none on the fat side. Is this normal?

Also it looked like there was part of the point attached, I removed it before slicing, and saved it for later. At least I assume it was part of the point, as it has a completely different texture and was more fatty. Looking at that, I think, I will seek out a packer next time.

As for pics, I completely forgot. However, after I vacuum sealed the very small amount of left overs, I did snap a quick one with my cellphone showing the "half" smoke ring.

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