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Default Today's Pulled Beef Sandwiches

I have been wanting to try a recipe that I saw Larry Wolfe post a while back called Pepper Stout Beef. This recipe basically has you smoke or grill a 4 lb chuck roast for 3 hours or until the internal temp is 165*. Before placing the chuck roast on the smoker Larry has you use kosher salt and ground black pepper on roast and cook at 240-260*.

While the roast is on the smoker slice 2 green peppers, slice 1 red onion, 3 jalapenos sliced with seeds, 6 cloves of garlic minced, 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce, and 1 - 12oz bottle Guinness Extra Stout and place them in a foil pan large enough for your roast. After the roast reaches 165* place it on top of the ingredients. Then seal the top of the foil pan tight with a piece of foil. Cook at 350* for 2.5-3hrs until the roast is able to be pulled.

Once you have achieved this pull the roast and then continue to cook until the liquids have been reduced by about half. Then take and place on some rolls with cheese. These were awesome however were a little spicy for me. I only used two jalapenos and removed the seeds. Next time I will only use one and also remove the seeds. Here are the pic's from my cook.

For my cook I decided to use two chunks of cherry in my wsm with a mostly full ring of charcoal. I did minion 15 or so lit coals on top. Once the coals went on I assembled the smoker and put the chuck on. Installed my probes and closed the lid and did not open it until the meat read 160*. This took almost 3 hours with my wsm staying about 240*.

When my roast was close to 150* I prepared all my ingredients for the foiled pan that would be used for the second part of the cook. Make note of the sizes of the chopped ingredients. I think these were perfect sizes for when it was all said and done. I then added one beer per Larrys suggestion and then mixed the ingredients well. The best part about this is you only use one beer and have 5 left over for the pit master!

Once I felt the roast was ready for the next step I checked it in a few places to make sure I was close. Then I added it to the foil and sealed it up goodntight! Back on the wsm trying to achieve 350* however I seemed to get to about 330-340* for 3 hours. This was with all of my vents wide open.

At right around 6 hours total cook time I removed the top layer of foil from the pan and stuck chuck with a fork. He was definitely ready for the next step. At which point I busted out a couple of forks and shredded it up. Mixed well in the juices and broken down veggies. Placed back on the smoker uncovered for about another hour until most of the juices were gone.

After about an hour most of the liquid had cooked down and it was time to make up a sandwich.

I will say these were awesome and I will definitly be making them again. Thanks for looking! Vince

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