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Originally Posted by NRA4Life View Post
What did you inject it with?
I injected it with a mixture of beef broth, water, soy sauce and teryaki baste and glaze, heated it up to blend all the flavors and let it cool to room temp before i injected it. then let it sit over night. Pretty much the same thing i do for a pot roast in crock pot.

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Looks fantastick! Was that a choice or select packer?
It was a choice that i had the butcher hand pick and trim at Sams Club. Im over there every Saturday Morning and all ways talk to the same guy. I tell ya, buttering them up really helps to get the better meats.

Originally Posted by keverhart View Post
what type of smoker did you use?
The smoker I used it the a Charbroil double door that has had major mods done to it. Sealed all doors, chimney and firebox, lined chamber with firebrick, horizon 16" convection plate, extended the chimney (redone the extension so its different from pic), charcoal basket with a single baffle in middle and used Hickory, apple and charcoal. Held Steady at 220-225 degrees and basket of charcoal lasted about 5-6 hours before i started adding more fuel.

Horizon convection Plate

These are the ribs i done the weekend before so you can see that i shortened the chimney to just come down to the grate and it works a whole lot better. bottom pic is the ribs after they were done for 6 hours.

Charl-Broil side fire box, 60hr. work weeks.
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