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Originally Posted by deadeye531 View Post
Looks very good. What did you rub with?
i used meatheads rub from but it was a little peppery for me.
Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
That is a good looking brisket Are you sure that was your first?
I promise this is first brisket i have ever done and i was nervous as hell about how it was going to turn out. Thanks for the compliments

Originally Posted by smokedinvt View Post
Great lookin brisket!! Did you mop it with something? The "bark" on the top looks really, really good!
No i didn't mop it, i didn't even spritz it. i think foiling it when it reached 165 and adding some of the injection marinade in with it helped alot.

Originally Posted by FattyMac View Post
Looks great!

I hope it wasn't those prescription meds that made it so good! (Hillbilly Heroin Mod)
HaHaHa. No those are my 9 year old german shepards ********l. just found out last week she has a tumor the size of a softball in her liver. Yes she did get a good helpling of brisket also. Man i love that dog.

Thanks guys for all your help in this brisket. I just wish i could have shared it with you all. I done a lot of reading and searching this forum to come up with what i thought would work, and it really did work. Again Thanks you guys, you as a Bretheren have helped me take my cooking to a whole new level!!!!
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