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ok. So i think i got it. im going to prep the turkey by removing insides, rinsing off and patting dry, brine 12-18 hours in brown sugar, water, salt, orange slices. Then take out pat dry and let sit 5-12 hours in fridge to dry skin. Next, rub with olive oil and season lightly with pepper, salt, rosemary, garlic. Then, stuff cavity with sage, tyme, and wedges of apple, lemmon, and orange. Then throw on Uds ( put a pie pan between my top grate and secured a small grate with bolts underneath so the pie pan is sandwiched between to catch drippings). then smoke over cherry or apple wood at 325 degrees untill 165 breast internal temp. Anyone see and problems with this senario ?

Thanks for all the help by the way guys.
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