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Post Please help a young lad smoke a turnkey

I have been trying to piece together all the posts about turkey on a uds, but im having some doubts that i would be able to successfully accomplish this. Im asking for help from anyone who doesn't mind taking a few minutes to give me a quick step by step. Im sure there are many young guys like me (21yrs old) that would love to make a delicious golden brown turkey, but don't posses all the knowledge to do so. Therefore, i would be so thankful if someone would reply with a detailed step by step covering turkey size, turkey prep, uds cooking method, wood, times, temp, simple brine recipe, rub recipe etc... Thank you very much to anyone who wants to take on my request.

I've never done a turkey in my life, so you might have to be detailed with the prep and uds technique (for example how to stand,sit,place the turkey on the reack)

I sure hope there is a wise bretheren willing to share some knowledge with me..thanks guys
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