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Default My very first entry.

Spaghetti Fatty with MOINK Balls

I am just so glad that I got this done in time. Now I am not one to be intimidated, especially by another girl. But, Miss ecode after looking at your entry I had to think this over just a little bit.

So here goes.

My guy has this really good friend, and Saturday night is Spaghetti Night. Now how on earth am I going to turn a Fatty into Spaghetti?

So I roasted a red pepper!

Then I got most of the things I would use for Spaghetti. Mushrooms, Onion, Italian seasoning, Mozzarella, Sauce. But pasta? Why not some of those big wide thingys they use for Lasagna? Yes! Sausage, and meatballs? No MOINK balls

So I sliced and chopped and laid out the Sausage in a square. Then I put on the noodles, boiled them first, and added all the rest.

Put the fatty on my BIG Smokey thingy and waited for the magic to happen.

Three hours later at a firm 225 it was ready. Oh yeah I put the balls on for just the last hour, have to be careful with them.

Here is how it looked.

And then sliced open. What a thing of beauty!

Served slices with the MOINK balls, some ziti and a Caesar salad.

I just have to say that our friend could not believe his eyes when I served this up.

Spaghetti?? This? But then it was time for seconds, and even thirds! Ahh, Spaghetti & MOINK balls, what a feast we all had.

I'm not sure which picture is the best so I'll just let y'all decide.

And thank y'all soooo much for letting me join in the fun!
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