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Originally Posted by Gore View Post
Forget the sausage, how did you make your pecan pie?

And it took you 3 days to eat one fattie?

A fattie a day keeps the doctor away.
I didn't make the pie, it came from a bakery. They prided themselves by saying they used real maple syrup, brown sugar, and butter. But now that I think about it, they never said anything about real pecans!

Normally, a fatty doesn't last more than 30 minutes after it is pulled off of the smoker. This fatty was a bit more substantial.

While it was only composed of a paltry one pound of sausage, wrapped with a mere 1 pound of bacon, it was also filled with roughly half of a pecan pie, and dusted with brown sugar for good measure. I do not have the exact nutritional info, but I imagine it had some lasting power in terms of calories, perhaps more substantial than your typical energy bar.

The first day, I ate half of it before I even realized it. It was so blissful that it put me in a stupor for the rest of the day. The next day I made sure to eat my Wheaties for breakfast, instead of the fatty. This gave me sufficient strength to tackle 1/2 of the remaining fatty at lunch without the intoxicating rapture, allowing me to make further contributions to society. I took a similar approach yesterday when I finished the last of it.

I equate this approach to eating some food and drinking some water before drinking alcohol, really. It's just a good idea to take some measures ahead of time to allow yourself some indulgence of this reward.

I suppose eating broccoli would be a similar preventive measure, but for this dish, I recommend going full-tilt anti-veggie. Just get some soluble fiber and you'll be fine. Maybe a glass of Benefiber?
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