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Originally Posted by LT72884 View Post
very nice. did the aluminum drip pan cause any temp issues, such as taking forever to get to temp?

What wood did you use and what type of charcoal?


I have never ever made a brisket but yours looked really good. i love sugar and salt so this might be a good thing for me. Can you PM me the rub recipe please and how much sugar you added to the rub..
The drip pan didn't cause any temp issues but I think the WSM is so easy to control its almost silly.
I typically spend about 30-45 minutes getting the smoker fired up but most of that time is letting the charcoal light fully in the chimney then letting the thick white smoke die down after transferring it to the loaded fire ring.

I used 3 chunks of apple and 3 chunks of hickory. I buried three chunks halfway in the fire ring and laid 3 on top after the thick white smoke died down... ALL before I put the brisket in the smoker ofcourse!

The charcoal was Frontier lump that was $15/40lbs at Sams Club. The bags didn't seem pulverized by the stockers so I figured I would give it a try. I just started smoking/grilling this summer and have a ridiculously low experience with each. I haven't ever used briquettes but I would assume there is a flavor AND temp difference between the two Maybe that's why I can get the WSM up to temp so easily...?

My girlfriend made some sort of lettuce wraps with the brisket and loved it. I guess we are keeping it fresh around here
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