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Originally Posted by toddrod View Post
I am surely going to try this out. How did you season your pork meat?
I bought the sausage from a butcher, it's a medium heat breakfast sausage. It was not maple sausage nor was it sage, jsut regular breakfast sausage. This sausage is lower fat content than Jimmy Dean however, so keep that in mind when picking your sausage out. This stuff was 80/20 (80% lean/20% fat), which I prefer over the 70/30 that Jimmy Dean is. I wouldn't recommend trying sage sausage, maple would be fine I suppose, but it is already pretty sweet so I don't see why you would need the maple boost.

After rolling the sausage, I did not season it, but I did add the brown sugar/cayenne rub to the outside of the bacon weave.

The overall taste was very similar to pancakes and sausage with a maple/pecan syrup. It was more "meaty" tasting than "pecan pie" tasting, so in terms of how to dress it up in the end, I recommend dressing it up to flavor the meat. That's why I went with the BBQ sauce, which is a thick, sweet, smokey sauce packed with flavor, just a little goes a long way. For the particular sauce I used, I found the Extra-Hot to be just right, but I kind of like things spicy and the extra sweet in this balanced the spicy out. I know someone mentioned whipped cream, and I was prepared to add whipped cream to this myself when I made this, but upon tasting it I did not think I would like it with whipped cream. It is a sweet meat flavor, not a pie with meat flavor, if that makes sense.

I recommend trying a slice for yourself and then deciding what to add to it, if anything. A great many BBQ sauces would clash with the flavor, so make a decision on what to add after tasting it.

It's really good, and I will be making it again, no doubt about that. I finished it off today. I'm sure I'll be craving one again some time soon. If you make it, please share your thoughts. I would like to know if I am insane for thinking this is good, or if it really is good.
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