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I don't like my brisket that dark, that's why I cover it. Also, I have found that the vinegar added to the apple juice spritz seems to keep the outside from getting tough. Once I slice it up, I pour the juices from the pan over the top. The sweet from the apple juice combined with the tart from the vinegar really enhances the flavor of the brisket. My wife and I used to use sauce on the side until we started doing it like this.

As for cranking the heat, I open all the vents and stir the coals to knock off the ash. It will run up to 300 - 325 then slowly ramp down as the fuel burns off. (I use sand instead of water in the pan).

If I remember right, the pic was taken after 5 hours in the smoke. (I've been going by color instead of time or temp). I have to say it was the best brisket I've ever had.


EDIT: It may be a sin but you might try cutting it in half and using 2 smaller foil pans.
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