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Originally Posted by jminion
You clean the garnish the day before and it goes in a small cooler wit water and some ice. In the morning before turn-ins start you build the boxes, then cover the garnish with a wet paper towel and goesback in a cooler to stay cool.

You can build 3 rows around the outside of the box leaving a space in the center of center for pulled product, what that does is get the meat to the top of the box with the lettuce framing the meat below the meat, it looks like a picture frame.

rep'n I have seen lots of scores and 7 and 8s are the numbers you see now days very few 9s.

If you look at the overall score you recieved the judges liked your turn-in you only recieved a 6 from two judges and the rest score you on the high end of the score I'm seeing now days. What we don't see is how the final scores out to the 4 decimal place, when you factor that in you could have been less that a point or two away from the top turn-in.
DF used your lettuce process at Plant City last Fall. Worked wonderful!!!!
Really takes the time pressure off of the turn-in window times

Thanks for the words of encouragement.
I will continue to fine-tune the product appearance--looking for any edge and consistancy.


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