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Last I checked the rules, this was supposed to be a party, and for us girls, half the fun of a party is getting ready. I've got a fair bit of routine in my day to day life and cooking is where I get to let my hair down and live a little wild (and live with my kids saying "Do we have to eat that!?!").

I have to admit this is only the second time I've made a fatty and the first time was completely by accident. It was in the Innards Throwdown and I had made pate wrapped in bacon. After I had posted LT78224 wrote that I had made a "pate fatty" -- sdb25 dubbed it a fat-tay.

I had so many ideas of what to try, so I decided to try several, and went with Fatties of the World. I was thinking music would go great with this, but all I could come up with was this. It made me laugh, but I could only listen to it for about 2 min. So, for those of you who can stomach it....
It was either this or "We are the World." I think I chose the lesser of two evils.

I can't tell you how many times we went on that ride with the girls. It was late, and there were not too many people in the park, and when we finished the ride, they just let us stay in the car over, and over, and over....

Like I said, half the fun is getting ready for the party. Here are some of the highlights. For the Asian portion of this entry, I marinated some shortribs in a Korean-style marinade.

I threw these on my oval to get them ready.

I needed these shredded, so they had a couple hours in foil after they were smoked.

For the French portion, I made up some ratatouille.

Well, this will take forever like this, so here are the fillings:

And here they are explained by country:

Germany: Bratwurst (smoked on the oval) and sauerkraut mixed with shredded bacon

: Saffron rice mixed with diced red peppers and Spanish Chorizo

: Ratatouille and baby artichokes

: Pizza (mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, and sauce)

: Marinated Short Ribs with green onions and red peppers

: So many choices, but I decided to go southwestern with a taco filling, green chiles, cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla chips, inside and out.

There are so many I wanted to try, but my family convinced me that 6 was plenty. But I still want to try one with curry and maybe a Hungarian one rubbed with Paprika and stuffed with a pork goulash or a Jambalaya, or a ....

I rolled them up and dressed some of them up. This is the French one with the ratatouille. I thought it would be nice with an eggplant-bacon weave:

The only one with a plain bacon weave is the German one because I thought the bacon would go especially well with the sauerkraut and bratwurst. The Italian one I mopped with pizza sauce and decorated with fresh oregano. And that southwestern style USA with the taco filling? I rolled that in cornchips. Here they are still cooking on the Oval:

Here you can see the associated fatties:

Here you can see the tops and the fillings.

These are influenced from Italy, Spain and France.

and these are influenced from Germany, USA, and Korea

I served these up for a late-night snack.

Thank you for looking.
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