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Default My second brisket!

So I am starting my second brisket EVER.

My first was great but it dried out kinda quickly once I cut it. I'l post photos in a minute.

So for this brisket I trimmed all of the hard lumps of fat, most of the fat separating the point from the flat and whatever else looked ugly to me. I started with a 12.6lb brisket. I also trimmed the fat cap to about 1/4 of an inch. I would imagine I cut out 2 pounds of HARD fat that was not going to render. I couldn't find my scale or I would have measured it!

I have only once used sugar before so I decided to do it again on this brisket.

I mixed about a 1/3 cup of my favorite rub:
10 tbs hot hungarian or half sharp paprika
6 tbs garlic powder
6 tbs kosher salt
5 tbs freshly ground black pepper
3 tbs cayenne pepper
3 tbs onion powder
2 tbs dried oregano
2 tbs dried thyme
2 tbs chipotle powder
2 tbs ancho powder( I ground up dried ancho chiles)
1 tbs guajillo powder (again grind up dried guajillo chiles, after roasting)

to 1/4 cup: granulated sugar + brown sugar

I couldn't get photos of this as my hands were a mess. Anyways I dropped the brisket in a foil pan and wrapped it to go in the fridge over night. Sorry I didn't get any photos of this.

This morning I decided to go to the store and get a foil pan to catch the drippings and also grab an injector AFTER I got my WSM going. I like to get it going early so I can get it steady with the TBS. Anyways, I haven't ever injected before so I decided to just grab a Dr Pepper and mix in some more of my rub to inject. It was interesting to watch the meat slowly expand as I injected it...

Here you can see that I trimmed the fat between the point and flat:

My pugs were bothering me to feed them and let them out so I didnt get the brisket on the smoker until about 10am.

...You might wonder why I have the other grill soo close... THE WIND IS NUTS TODAY and I needed a wind block...

So now I realized I got in on too late to do it super low and slow. The brisket is on the smoker and its sitting at about 260*. Well the wind is making the temps fluctuate from 260-280! I dont really have anything else to do besides completely relocate the smoker but I cant find anywhere around the house that has LESS wind So I guess I am smoking at HALF hot and fast


So my questions are:

1) should I foil? I have NEVER foiled before and don't know if it helps much.

2) how long should I cook the brisket/lb at 260 vs 220?

Also IF you recommend I foil it, at what temp should I foil?

Thanks in advance!
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