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I guess I'll kick this one off.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the prep work for this was done on Thursday evening, but it wasn't cooked until Friday evening at the Arthur, IL competition. I hope the voters will accept this since the actual cooking was done on Friday.

I started out with some home made blueberry pancakes (with fresh blueberries, of course) and a couple of Jimmy Dean Maple breakfast sausage logs.

I put each log into a gallon zipper bag...

The I flattened the sausage into a perfect rectangle...

Then, working on one at a time, I cut the bag and peeled the top layer back to expose the sausage...

and cut the pancakes to fit...

and then used the bag to roll it up....

Then I sealed the seam and the ends...

After both fatties were rolled I wrapped them in the zipper bags and then in foil and put them into the fridge and eventually a cooler of ice for transportation to the competition. On Friday afternoon I fired up the Memphis Pro and set it for 240 degrees and cooked the fatties for about two hour until they were 165 internal. I didn;t get a picture of the fatty actually on the grill. We were turning these in for the Friday night sausage category and I was in a bit of a hurry

Here are the cooked fatties...

Here is one of the logs after slicing into it...

(Please use this picture as the Throwdown entry thread) ^^^^^

and a closeup of a slice...

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