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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Nope. As long as it is tubular in shape, and smoked, it is a fatty. This is per the creator of the Fatty, BigDog. Well, he is the person who named them the Fatty anyway. Prior to that I guess people just called them whatever they wanted.

So, seeing as the name "Fatty" originated on this very website, by one of our very own Brethren, then his word is final as to what constitutes a fatty.

I'll ask if he can come on here to provide the "exact" current definition. Yes, the definition has been known to change. You got a problem with that? Too bad!
I'll defer to the 'Dog, but to me it has to be pork since that's what Brother Smokey Pig used for the first fatty (which 'Dog subsequently named). There has to be some way to distinguish between a fatty and a meat loaf (which can also be tubular in shape and smoked). But, as always, let the voter decide!
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