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Default Turn-In appearance

In another thread I wrote:
My personal goal in life is to find a Pork Turn-in that will score Max. All teams have the same challenge of "How in the hell do you make pulled pork pretty?". The ones I have judged were just pork piled in the container. How dull--No imagination at all! We are getting closer to great appearance scores, but not quite there yet.
OK--any ideas from the experienced guys?

Here is the basic "theme" we have been using and it is scoring OK--but not max! Basically, Bark around the edges and pulled in the center.

We are producing lots of flavorful bark and use it to accent the box.
I saw two lady Judges almost "come to blows" to get some bark from a box at Minneola. Figured it can't hurt to accent it!

Just looking for something to "stand out" without being "cutsie".

IDEAS or suggestions for pork or any of the meat catagories???

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