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oh wel.. snif snif.....its gone.. snif snif.... Truck came and got it today. Waybill was listed as "salvage". That hurt. Was a fiasco getting it on the truck. The send this truck with a puny little liftgate that was just about big enough to fit the pit. The lift was 2 sections with a 5 inch rise over 3 inchs which is pretty steep to push 900 lbs up onto, especially with snow on the driveway. The gate itself, once the pit was on it had about 3 inchs on the sides and front. the back was right at the edge. Almost toppled it twice when he kept moving it around and one wheel would fall off the gate.. twice the side of the truck stopped it from falling completely over. When he finally got it centered on the gate, he started the lift, it jerked up and the second outside section dropped about 2 inchs launching the pit off the gate and toppling it over, of course right where i was standing. Caught it from falling completely over but that was one heavy farker. The driver kept insisting how easy it was gonna be.. Wouldn't believe me when i said its falls over easy.. Now I know how this thing got damaged.. If all the drivers are like this guy, it fell over a few times. Figured from the beginning that the only way enough force can be generated o bend the stuff the way it was.
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