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Well I suppose you have two choices.

1. Run away....far away.
2. Go ahead and do it.......If you decide to do it; get a FIRM count from
the BRIDE on exactly how many people will be there. Do two or three
practice cooks to see how much work it will be and how much meat you
will need. It sounds like you don't have any catering experience; and if
anything goes wrong; the bride will never forgive you for ruining her
Have the bride E-mail, or regular mail you the many
people, how much meat of each type (ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc.)
she wants. Don't go with verbal figures...get it in writing. Don't assume
anything...are you supposed to make the side dishes too? What about
beverages? Plates? Forks, knives, spoons? Cups, napkins?

Is your cooking going to be your "gift" to the bride...or will you be paid?
Figure out what it will cost...chaffing dishes, canned heat, tablecloths
and everything else.

If you go there and use cooking equipment (UDS) that you are not familiar
with...there could be problems. Be careful.

Good Luck!

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